The Merseyside Boxer Club - February 2012 Members Limited Show
November Open Show

Sunday 17th November 2013
Whiston Town Hall, Merseyside, L35 3QX

Special Puppy Judge
Miss Charlotte Crooks (Roylark)

Best Special Puppy Bitch & Best Special Puppy in Show
Mair's - Glenauld the Tempest
Best Special Puppy Dog & Reserve Best Best Special Puppy in Show
Mullis's - Idleforde Bring Him Home

Glenauld The Tempest, Charlotte Crooks (Judge), Margaret Wildman (President) and Idleforde Bring Him Home

Presentation to our Judge Miss Charlotte Crooks by our
President Mrs Margaret Wildman

Open Show Judge
Mrs R Wright (Satrebor)

Best Dog & Best in Show
Mair's - Carmondene Eureka at Glenauld JW
Best Bitch & Reserve Best in Show
Huckerby & Dowell's - Norwilbeck Smart Move JW
Marion McArdle (Secretary), Carmondene Eureka at Glenauld JW
Mrs R Wright (Judge) and Norwilbeck Smart Move JW

Best Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy in Show
Mair's - Glenauld The Tempest
Best Puppy Dog & Reserve Best Puppy in Show
Clayforth's - Casual Affair with Faerdorn

Marion McArdle (Secretary), Glenauld The Tempest
Mrs R Wright (Judge) and Casual Affair with Faerdorn

Presentation to our Judge Mrs R Wright by our
Secretary Mrs Marion McArdle


Thank you to everyone who attended the Show