April 2011 Championship Show
Sunday 17th April 2011 - Sutton Leisure Centre, Merseyside

Results listing

Dog CC - Emjaycee Coutry Yokel At Kiztok
Res CC - Ch Verileas Dancing Deano At Jimbren
Bitch CC - Ch Roamaro First Issue By Walkon
Res CC - Ch Pananbolo Special Effect For Norwilbeck
BPIS - Norwatch Sunhawk Play Mate

Veteran Dog - (3)
1ST - Schofield's Ch Koppernox Mickey Finn ( sire Ch Boxken Bottle A Beer dam Koppernox Elite)

Minor Puppy Dog - (7)
1ST - Downing's Stellvana Sinatra ( sire Ch Lanfrese Surething At Manic dam Stellvana Macwat Million Doller Baby)
2nd - Pynegar's Nessun Dorma avec Berwynfa
3rd - Poole & Motacci's Mekart Simples
Res - Buckley's Shakatan Red Richochet
Vhc - Palmer's Buster Duncan Dixie Palmer

Puppy Dog - (9)
1ST - Bank's Norwatch Sunhawk Play Mate ( sire Ch Walkon Made 'N' Issue dam Sunhawk Norwatch Pantomime) BEST PUPPY DOG + BEST PUPPY IN SHOW
2nd - Morison's Xandene Black Jack
3rd - Watson's Drop Anchor At Roylark
Res - Adam's Carkennar Chukka Boots
Vhc - Vearnecombe's Ruption Love Monkey

Junior Dog - (7)
1ST - Parker & Martin's Olleyville Oren McPhee ( sire Ch/Ir Ch Winuwuk Lust At First Sight dam Ch Olleyvilee Rosina Brown)
2nd - Cowell & Richard's Lava Flow With Astralune
3rd - Flynn's A Chance Romance For Nerroli
Res - Fielding's Newlaithe Fast 'N Furious

Yearling Dog - (10)
1ST - Vanston's Vandenrob Striking 'n' Funky ( sire Ch Designer Game At Glenauld dam Vandenrob Booming Future)
2nd - McDonald's Yeteb Manhattan
3rd - Thomson's Latchkey Celebrity Icon
Res - Bee's Beeann  Ride On A Star
Vhc - Pynegar's Berwynfa Buble

Novice Dog - (6)
1ST - Laidlaw & Stockton's Roamaro Read All About It With Kiztok ( sire Ch Walkon Made 'N' Issue dam Roamaro Hamlear Autumn Mist)
2nd - Dunlevie's Surfstone Storm Trooper
3rd - Cairn's Inakerfuffle At Galicar
Res - Daley's Neenjack Smirnoff Black Label
Vhc - Brown's Blade United

Debutante Dog - (5)
1ST - Fielding's Mimateli Bobby Busta ( sire Barwater Bobby Buster dam Barwater Vioion Of Divinity)
2nd - Heywood's Heybotts Sir Digby
3rd - Sweeney's Susancar Reggie

Graduate Dog - (8)
1ST - Mackay's Caljan Crash Bang Wallop ( sire Ch Berwynfa Bulletproof dam Berwynfa Bish Bash Bosh At Caljan)
2nd - Isaac's Lymplesham Lord Of The Dance
3rd - Pye's Burnden Secret Millionaire
Res - Adam's Carkennar Shameless
Vhc - Buckley's Shades Of Shakatan

Post Graduate Dog - (10)
1ST - Brown, Hutchings & Bee's Winuwuk An Absolute Scandal At Beeann ( sire Ch Lichdel Uncle Silas To Winuwuk dam Winuwuk Scanalous)
2nd - Beardsell & Van Beck's Magical Trick From Newlaithe
3rd - Morison's Xandene Midnight Runner
Res - Huckerby & Dowell's Struck On You For Bellchime
Vhc - Wragg's Harmaur Jo Bloggs Trade

Limit Dog - (12)
1ST - Stockton's Emjaycee Country Yokel At Kiztok ( sire Roamaro Captain Pugwash dam Emjaycee Country Classic) CC WINNER + RESERVE BEST IN SHOW
2nd - Bell's Stanryk Day Dreamer At Surfstone
3rd - Miller's Walkon Mickey Blue Eyes
Res - Spanswick's Tudora Glad All Over
Vhc - Pye's Burnden Opportunist

Open Dog - (10)
1ST - Kay, Groves & Hare's Ch Verileas Dancing Deano At Jimbren ( sire Ch/Ir Ch Sandcliffe Snog In The Fog At Jimbren dam Verileas Misty Moonshine) RESERVE CC WINNER
2nd - Johnson's Sulez Sirocco By Sonshoby
3rd - Mackay & Pynegar's Ch Berwynfa Bulletproof
Res - Bank's Ch Norwatch Sunhawk Main Issue
Vhc - Beardsell & Van Beck's Newlaithe On Target



Veteran Bitch - (14)
1ST - Beardsell & Van Beck's Ch Newlaithe Just Stunning ( sire Ch Hilthorn Gold Blend dam Louie Lila At Newlaithe) BEST VETERAN IN SHOW
2nd - Huxley & Burgess's Blixen Mambo Margarita
3rd - Huxley & Burgess's Blixen Caught In The Act
Res - Oliver's Dalzell Gold Shimmer
Vhc - Oliver's Dalzell Dark Gold

Minor Puppy Bitch - (9)
1ST - McVay's Kamiliwood Causing Chaos For Lochsunart ( sire Winuwuk Up Close N' Personal dam Fairbox Black To Black For Nerroli) BEST PUPPY BITCH
2nd - Copeland's Kronos Annie Mac
3rd - Watson's Roylark Fatal Attraction
Res - Cant's Mananin Lost Profit
Vhc - Davies's Mananin Breakeven

Puppy Bitch - (16)
1ST - Harris's Wicked Wilma At Petarris ( sire Petarris Uncle Buck dam Wildax Love Nor Money)
2nd - Morison's Xandene Baccarat
3rd - Bank's Sunhawk Norwatch Play Time
Res - Miller's Walkon Atomiser
Vhc - Vearncombe & Hale's Ruption Lazy Lover With Knightcott

Junior Bitch - (5)
1ST - Schofield's Sunvalley Playing With Fire At Koppernox ( sire Faerdorn Faegan At Sunvalley dam Sunvalley Sonnet)
2nd - Hogg's Berwynfa Crazy Love For Kamiliwood
3rd - Huckerby & Dowell's So Special For Bellchime
Res - Huxley & Burgess's Blixen Megapixel

Yearling Bitch - (7)
1ST - Bell's Boxania Stormy Spice At Surfstone ( sire Stanryk Day Dreamer At Surfstone dam Boxania Touch Of Spice)
2nd - Thomson's Latchkey Celebrity Rumour
3rd - Edgler's Kezialeigh Prime Meridian
Res - Crook's Walkon Maid With Style For Uftonponds
Vhc - Mackay's Berwynfa Seks Bomb At Caljan

Novice Bitch - (10)
1ST - Dunlevie's Surfstone Midnight Storm ( sire Belvern Storm Lord dam Baibea Stare If Ya One 'T' At Surfstone)
2nd - Miller's Walkon Coniglietta
3rd - Jordan's Sunvalley Slightest Touch
Res - Pynegar & Murray's Berwynfa Cuda Wuda Shuda
Vhc - Vearncombe & Hale's RuptionLiquid Lust Over Knightcott

Debutante Bitch - (7)
1ST - Poolle & Mostacci's Mekart Muddy Puddle ( sire Stanryk Dream Lover At Surfstone dam Faerdorn Could It Be Magic At Mekart)
2nd - O'Boyle's Petarris Suzie Bagwash

Graduate Bitch - (6)
1ST - Pynegar & Murray's Foolproof At Berwynfa ( sire Ch Berwynfa Bulletproof dam Caljan Top Tottie At Berwynfa)
2nd - Sweeney's Sweeneys Only One Stoli Raz
3rd - Tatham's Galicar Intoxicate At Skirlaw
Res - Crook's Clarkenwells Trade Secret For Uftonponds
Vhc - Flintoft's Boxania Saucy Spice

Post Graduate Bitch - (8)
1ST - Wragg's Harmaur Trade Issue ( sire Ch Walkon Made 'N' Issue dam Harmaur Trade Speciality)
2nd - Boardman & Dawson's Walkon Gossip Girl At Bonobo
3rd - Miller's Walkon Atomic Rooster
Res - Mewett's Signature By Newlaithe
Vhc - Myle's Boxadore Miley Cyrus

Limit Bitch - (15)
1ST - Miller's Walkon Pin Up Girl ( sire Ch Lanfrese Surething At Manic dam Ch Walkon Bunny Girl)
2nd - Cairns, Groves & Hare's Jimbren Romance In The Dark At Galicar
3rd - Huckerby & Dowell's Norwilbeck Smart Move
Res - Schofield's Koppernox Pop Princess
Vhc - Bell's Baibea Stare If Ya One 'T' At Surfstone

Open Bitch - (10)
1ST - Miller's Ch Roamaro First Issue By Walkon ( sire Ch Walkon Made 'N' Issue dam Ch Roamaro Razzle Dazzle For Walkon) CC WINNER + BEST IN SHOW
2nd - Huckerby & Dowell's Ch Panabolo Special Effect For Norwilbeck ( sire Ch Norwilbeck Special Blend dam Panabolo Red Dust) RESERVE CC WINNER
3rd - Boardman & Dawson's Ch Walkon Tantrums'n Tiaras At Bonobo
Res - Pynegar & Murray's Ch Berwynfa Doll Daga Buzz Buzz
Vhc - Esder's Berwynfa Zig Zag A Buzz Buzz


Thank you to everyone who attended the show

& Thank you to Royal Canin for sponsoring the event