April 2010 Championship Show
Sunday 18th April 2010 - Sutton Leisure Centre, Merseyside

Results listing
Veteran Dog - (5)
1ST - Taylor's Ch Newlaithe Look At Me RESERVE CC WINNER
2nd - Pilling's Nateez Double Dee
3rd - Brook's Handina Jameson Of Jinnybrux
Res - Forkin & Griiffin's Mulbrae The Composer For Subarashii

Minor Puppy Dog - (13)
1ST - Mair's Glenauld Gryffari
2nd - Mair's Vandenrob Designare At Glenauld
3rd - Poole & Mostacci's Mekart Red Alert
Res - Drinkwater's Sulez Santa Cruz
Vhc - Wimbush's Redmol Money For Nothing

Puppy Dog - (8)
1ST - James's Maromad Love At First Sight 
2nd - Wynne-Eyton's Twrcymru A Knockin Bett
3rd - Greenhall's Manolta Smooth Criminal
Res - McDonald's Yeteb Manhattan
Vhc - Harper's Handover At Huttonvale

Junior Dog - (7)
1ST - Pearce's Retro By Sezflo BEST PUPPY DOG
2nd - Cairn's Galicar Innuendo
3rd - Davis's Stanryk Rocky Dreams
Res - Groves & Hare's Jimbren Deano's Beano
Vhc - Stewart's Boxyjen Matchking Premier

Yearling Dog - (15)
1ST - Son Of A Gun At Berwynfa
2nd - Groves & Hare's Chelhome Bugalug At Jimbren
3rd - Mackay's Caljan Crash Bang Wallop
Res - Adam's Carkennar Shameless
Vhc - Ward-Davies, Brown & Hutching's Winuwuk The Maverick

Novice Dog - (10)
1ST - Beardsell & Van Beck's Newlaithe Conjured Design 
2nd - Drinkwater's Manic Marc Jacobs At Sulez
3rd - Cook's Manic For One Night Only
Res - Jones's Tyberg Rocco Barocco
Vhc - Huckerby & Dowell's Struck On You For Bellchime

Debutante Dog - (6)
1ST - Hannam's Mega Star At Dibrid 
2nd - Wragg's Harmaur Jo Bloggs Trade
3rd - Richardson's Hembadoon Samburu Warrior
Res - Fielding's Mimateli Bobby Busta
Vhc - Woolliss's Rameleon On Reflection

Graduate Dog - (7)
1ST - Ward-Davies, Brown & Hutching's Winuwuk Enzo Ferrari 
2nd - Ames's Thenamy Big Bang
3rd - Godwin's Sultash Double Cracker
Res - Feaver & Cormack's Sugarwood Flame On
Vhc - Gore's Our Boy Benny

Post Graduate Dog - (15)
1ST - Beardsell & Van Beck's Magical Trick From Newlaithe 
2nd - Beardsell & Van Beck's Newlaithe On Target
3rd - Lane & Mair's Glenauld Gervias
Res - Poole-Bartlett's Bartlans Badger Wood
Vhc - Huggin's Beautiful Day At Daervlish

Limit Dog - (23)
1ST - Mair's Star Attraction At Glenauld CC WINNER + RESERVE BEST IN SHOW + 
2nd - Tucker's Abythorn All Wrapped Up For Carmondene
3rd - Morison's Muptar A Lark In The Park With Xandene
Res - Cobb's Stanryk Dream Ryder
Vhc - Johnson's Sonshoby Mr McEwan At Seacrest

Open Dog - (10)
1ST - Melville & Gething's Ch Jeddhi Yankee Pasha 
2nd - Pynegar & Sunder's Ch Berwynfa Game Boy
3rd - Pynegar & Mackay's Ch Berwynfa Bulletproof
Res - Kay, Groves & Hare's Ch Verileas Dancing Deano At Jimbren
Vhc - Johnson's Sulez Sirocco By Sonshoby
Veteran Bitch - (4)
1ST - Robinson's Robinsteck Pretty Woman BEST VETERAN IN SHOW
2nd - Sampson's Yeteb Mountain Springs
3rd - Spanswick's Faerdorn Live The Dream For Tudora

Minor Puppy Bitch - (10)
1ST - Crook's Walkon Maid With Style For Uftonponds 
2nd - Mair's Glenauld Ginny Weasley
3rd - Lane's Leigharac Designer Island
Res - Cassie's Power Of Dreams From Pictland
Vhc - Walker's Walkon Babycham

Puppy Bitch - (15)
1ST - Huckerby & Dowell's Norwilbeck Smart Move BEST PUPPY BITCH + 
2nd - Adam's Carkennar Get On Your Boots
3rd - Crook's Clarkenwells Trade Secret For Uftonponds
Res - Wynne-Eyton's Twrcymru Lady Lili Bett
Vhc - Feaver & Cormack's Sugarwood Wow Factor

Junior Bitch - (8)
1ST - Godwin's Sultash Dish Dasha
2nd - Boradman & Dawson's Walkon Gossip Girl At Bonobo
3rd - Lane's Glenauld Glamourama
Res - Stewart's Boxyjen Tenex Ultimate
Vhc - Groves & Hare's Miofrey Lilly Pilly At Jimbren

Yearling Bitch - (10)
1ST - Huckerby & Dowell's Panabolo Special Effect For Norwilbeck 
2nd - Ward-Davies, Brown & Hutching's Winuwuk All About Eve
3rd - Mair's Glenauld Star Appeal
Res - Cole's Myntie Melody Maker
Vhc - Mewett's Signature By Newlaithe

Novice Bitch - (12)
1ST - Murray's Foolproof At Berwynfa 
2nd - Huckerby, Dowell, Jones & Charles's Star Chime Via Norwilbeck
3rd - Morison's Sueolly The Dreamer For Xandene
Res - Watson's Roylark Alice Springs
Vhc - Taylor's Faerdorn Stolen Melody By Newlaithe

Debutante Bitch - (6)
1ST - Wragg's Harmaur Trade Issue 
2nd - Parker & Martin's Olleyville Meggy McPhee
3rd - Myles's Boxadore Miley Cyrus
Res - O' Boyle's Petarris Suzie Bagwash
Vhc - Black's Pictland Kettins Bobbysox

Graduate Bitch - (12)
1ST - Laing & Grandfield's Bontrapu Dressed To Dance 
2nd - Tatham's Galicar Intoxicate At Skirlaw
3rd - Melville & Gething's Sunhawk Norwatch Mystical At Jeddhi
Res - Murray's Macarmadale Eva Diva At Limubox
Vhc - Neilson & Connell's Borestone Echo Beach

Post Graduate Bitch - (12)
1ST - Schofield's Koppernox Pop Princess RESERVE CC WINNER
2nd - Pynegar's Berwynfa Dolly Rocker
3rd - Scott's Glenauld Gina At Rudino
Res - Feaver & Cormack's Sugarwood Mystik Flame
Vhc - Cairns, Groves & Hares's Jimbren Romance In The Dark At Galicar

Limit Bitch - (18)
1ST - Mair's Glenauld Tommy Girl CC WINNER+ BEST IN SHOW + 
2nd - Cook's Manic Game Show
3rd - Clark's Clarkenwell Vogue Trader
Res - Malcolm's Andsum Sky Blue Pink
Vhc - Pynegar's Berwynfa Za Za Zoom

Open Bitch - (8)
1ST - Ward-Davies, Brown & Hutching's Rebkai Tale Of Love For Winuwuk
2nd - Pynegar's Ch Berwynfa G Spot At Sandwash
3rd - Beardsell & Van Beck's Ch Galicar Designed For Looks By Newlaithe
Res - Pynegar's Ch Berwynfa Sugar Babe
Vhc - Morison's Xandene Midnight Oasis


Thank you to everyone who attended the show

& Thank you to Royal Canin for sponsoring the event