The Merseyside Boxer Club - 17th February 2008 Seminar and A2 Judging Assessment

17th February 2008
Seminar & A2 Judging Assessment


The day consisted of a Breed Specific Seminar in the morning, followed by the Kennel Club A2 Assessment of Judging, by Assessors Liz Davies and Maureen Wragg.

The speaker for the morning was our own President, Margaret Wildman, who spoke magnificently, keeping everybody entertained and enthralled, the title of the talk was 'The Boxer, with Specific Emphasis on the Head'


The Speaker

The seminar in the morning was presented by our President Margaret Wildman


Presentation to Speaker

A presentation to the speaker, Margaret Wildman, made by Secretary Marion McArdle


The Assessors

Presentations to The Kennel Club A2 Assessors Maureen Wragg (Left) and Liz Davies (Right), made by President Margaret Wildman and Secretary Marion McArdle


The Stewards

Stewards for the day were Glynis and Colin Dowson, being presented gifts by President Margaret Wildman and Secretary Marion McArdle for their hard work


Thank you to everyone who attended the Seminar & A2 Assessment